One of the highlights of this week was subbing for Ruby and Jacob at Jewelbox @Mt Faber.

It was beautiful. There was a light show for Christmas and light rains to follow.

Jason Loo (Guitar/Vox), and Dominic Cai (Sax), and i was on Keys and Vox.

It was a last min sub but one of the best decisions i’d made in my life, given only a couple of hrs before the show to decide if i could find time for it after my teaching.

New vibes, new people, and also found another ardent fan of the 30s. That old sound speaks deeply and easily into my heart.

Yea, Jason sang that tune by Gilbert Sullivan, and my ears pricked. That oldie is one classic that i’d always love. Sometime last year i believe was when i found the kooky video of the original mv on youtube, and fell in love with it even more.


The preparation and making of this album is truly the collection of effort, ideas, time, skills and talent from so many dear friends, namely, Kangyang, Mario Serio, Lim Hui, James Yeo, sonicbrat (Darren Ng), Didi Mudigdo, Zennon Goh, Ric Liu(art director), Sam Nai(video director),… and more support and encouragement from dear friends, Bevlyn Khoo, Joanna Dong, Shimona Kee, Clarence Yeo, Daniel Purnomo, Ruth Tan, Andrea Chan, Jewel Ling, Kelly Tan, Faith Mayer, Jennis Tan, Nate Tjoeng, …. only too many to be named,… and dedicated supporters of original music namely, Fresh Music, Crazyworld Cafe, 100.3FM DJ Ken, 93.3FM DJ Kunhua,… etc…

打从心里头的感激。。。thank you.

This journey has been the most perfect it could be, because it was the true-est i could be to what i love and believe in. Thank you for beautiful stories dear friends.

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