As the evening came on, Clarence and I were all garnered and ready for our performance for EMC company at MBS. The security was pretty tight! We weren’t quite allowed to even get in time for our soundcheck. But all went well, you could see why they are adamant on it, a pretty serious party was going on up there! I can’t help but feel that outburst of joy in that moment, standing at the top of the world, looking out at the setting sun, and the layers of orange and pink light spilled all over the city. This is one of the reasons why I never quite could get used to singing in a bar with those walls, and the same colours… when you are in the midst of such beauty, you know you are blessed. The set started with Stand By Me, and as the moon and the night came on, and as the song would reveal, we were starting on a real party, party of life that is! An interesting selection of You Raise me up by Josh Groban and Nobody But You by the Wondergirls done in an acoustic laidback r n b style. It was great. We ended of with 2 special selections from him and I. It was a wonderful evening.

Thank you Nate from Redkite for this beautiful experience.

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