I know i’ve prolly mentioned my boohoos too many times at weddings, but this i have to add.

An inspiration for my own dream wedding. Cosy setup with beautifully coordinated whites, turquoise, a green apple on each guest’s dish, the whole room lit with an ethereal sort of purity.
But mind you, they were far from being a prudent bunch. From Ray’s father’s speech, to his sister’s emotional confession of her love for the little brother, and to Jackie’s dad’s humourous and entertaining attempt at ‘letting go’ of his daughter, to her lil bro’s most heartrending sharing on their growing up times, i feel too honoured to be playing for the couple Jackie and Ray. Their hearts were aglow with love, that was uncontrived, and willing. Singing Jackie and Ray’s parents love songs and fave tunes by Beatles, Clarence and I feel that we’d earned Uncanny Sounds, our band, a little special something that money cannot buy.

Thank you Joanna Dong for recommending me to play for their wedding.

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