Just when i thought there could not be new ways of doing march-ins, Ken and Rachel surprised us with their very sensuous 2nd march-in, with bride Rachel sashaying down the red carpet and the groom striding down to meet into a dance, so much that that’s all i can think about to start this blog entry. I found myself feeling those tears wellin’ up whilst watching their pre-march-in videos, and surprised myself. It’s when i realised that i was in the presence of two people who are truly in love. Simply, being and loving. You could tell from the appreciation and admiration of each other in their eyes. Anywaayys,.. i 
stray, this wedding was beautiful. The spirit of it above everything. Shawn and James is one of those combis i’d always enjoyed playing with. And the couple picked songs 
from the 70s and 80s that i never knew i would have a chance to sing. These were songs my folks listened to. 像雾又像花,巧合,玫瑰玫瑰我爱你,我只在乎你,亲密爱人 were just some of those classics i recall… brought back a flood of memories. The band really enjoyed the songs, in their original rhumba, chacha and ballad modes. My fave songs of the night were Lovers’ Concerto, the boys played beautiful harmonies and gave the original Kelly Chen number a twist, and Top of the world, a happy but also romantic feel in bossa nova, and I’m yours by Jason Mraz in a funkier than the usual reggae mode. What a pleasure to see the couple actually enjoying themselves. We’re most appreciative of the crowd that came up just to let us know they loved the music. Thank you ALD for inviting us to sing for their wedding. :)

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