I never knew the existence of this boutique hotel till today.
It was an interesting wedding and there’s something about the bride that draws me. There’s
such a easy grace that is feminine and strong at once.

That lil’ amp works wonders, i’d no idea my voice could fill the room from that lil’ box. Gotta find that out.

Mr Aynsley Green, ain’t he a treasure. New musician friend i’d made today. Here’s the thing about musicians who share, it makes the gig a lot livelier, and the focus on the music and not on esteem issues as some musicians may already agree… the focus on creative work on the job really truly is something i’d always treasure.

He had beautiful lines on the solos and i really enjoy textures, colours, and patterns, so as much as we were new with our collaboration w each other, it was so easy to enjoy the performance.

Congrats to Marram and Joelle, and thanks to Bandontherun for the precious gig.

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