This is one special wedding.

Following an earlier luncheon wedding at Goodwood park hotel with newly weds Fumin and Zitian, James(pianist) and I hung out at the nearest Starbucks and managed a nice spot where i could skype Ric though brokenly over the project.

it was a special day for the local chinese couples for some reason, and for me it was extra special cuz having language fetishes as i somewhat do, i get to learn a japanese song, beautiful singer with gorgeous voice, yuna ito on Precious, and an indonesia song called Gita Gutawa (sempurna, as i found out means Perfect). Beautiful melodies, wonderful arrangements, true to their contexts, that really inspired me.

I love new adventures and learning new things.

Isabelle is one special lady, down-to-earth as she is, she’s also very fun-loving and real. I’ve never seen a bride breakdown the way she did in thanking her folks, which moved at least 2 tables’ of ladies to tears. I cry at most weddings, or anything with true love in it, so no surprise to see my red eyes either. But the lovely couple are just truly immersed in bliss and love. Lord bless them both.

This song meant a lot to them so when Bevlyn has asked me if i could learn the song, i said yes immediately. It is a beautiful song.

And the line that went

Oh Sayangku kau begitu…. sempurna.

When i found out from Di what it means, it moved me deeply.

Oh my dear, why are you so,… perfect.

Ian is a wonderful player, appreciating contexts and arrangements. I’m truly blessed to have him play with me on a duo setup for Isabelle and Willy’s wedding. 

Isabelle’s dad’s birthday happened to be 23/10 too! How cool is that?

Ian and I got the crowd singing Happy birthday together, and Junxiong did a great job conducting everyone into high spirits. :)

It was a beautiful day.

Now i never drink on any job. But the bride was a lil too blissful and tipsy, she ran to grab a gorgeous glass of red wine and insisted i drink. I had to. It was beautiful wine, and i toast this in celebration of their love.

I’m glad they liked our rendition of Gita Gutawa. 

Such an honor to perform in the face of Love.

Ian and I getting silly after the show:

Thank you ALD for inviting us to play for Isabelle and Willy’s wedding.

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