This is the first entry since Sydney.

It’s good to know that despite the cool scene in Singapore, that it still allows space for some creative fun.

Shimona Kee and Mario Serio performed an eclectic 3 set performance at Hood Bar at Keong Saik Road last night. And i guested for 2 songs. Such a performer Shimona is, beautiful tender vocals that could tumble into any Gym song she liked anytime! Mario is the master anytime. It’s such an honour to be able to play with him, anytime, gig or no gig. You most certainly learn.


Working on a few projects, including expanding my repertoire on the Uke, and zooming into repertoire i truly enjoy and feel for.

Leila is right, both of them Leilas, reminding me to follow only the heart. And last night Michelle’s spirit and honest personality reminded me what truly matters.

I am grateful for good friends who are helping me on this project before i embark on a new chapter next year.

It will be terrifyingly wonderful.

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