The skipped 2/3rd week didn’t mean i’d nothing to say but that only too much, too overwhelming.

The past week of seminar, worship, prayer and the miracles I’d witnessed has changed my life.

The friends i’ve made in Sydney, some i know i will look forward to forging deeper relationships already, others i’m so glad to have met, that new things are illuminated in my life, new perspectives and important reflections.

God has used people, circumstances in His own system, including time and space, to guide me to where i am today.

Sat 21st August was the last day of the conference. Worship had been fantastic, and I’m very impressed with the sound setup and the authenticity and depth of the tone/sounds from the systems at the newly built Dayspring church.

And today, whilst waiting for the 7pm service at Hillsong church in the city, I had a sudden strong desire to return to my preparation for the project. Which one? I can’t reveal just yet, but i know it shall be closing this part of my life and opening a brand new chapter.

I’m determined to work harder at the authenticity of delivery of the music that’s in my heart to music to your ears.

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