Last year in my preparation for the States, I’d written half a song called This Spring. But it never had lyrics.

Not that it does now.

But Spring is indeed a whole lot earlier for me.

But i feel like my prayers were answered. Before my birthday really.


I have to continue writing this song but i don’t know how to … having a turn in the events that swings the whole point of the song title around. and such a catchy title it is.

Last night catching Wendy Anggerani at Hotel Woollahra was awesome. The Kuitar/Kitar was definitely smokin’ hot when she played it. Great players great party.

I’m learnin so much from the artists here.

Before Hillsong yesterday, i’d turned up for Charemaine’s dance class at Surry Hills. It was an awesome class, no flashy tights, or airs like the usual dance studio, very down-to-earth sorta setting, we had teens and adults. And she danced like she breathed on it. Just like Di on DDT.

That’s how i feel when i draw sometimes, or sing, sometimes, but i’m not quite where i wanna be.

Thank you Lord for revealing these wonderful spirits to me.

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