With 5 weeks to cover, i reckon the images may just overlap and be compromised.

The energy at these Open mic sessions in Sydney is a lot higher and the culture richer. It’s not a lack of good musicians in Singapore, but there are is a way bigger pool of music lovers, simply. Anyone can just pick up their good ol instrument, trumpet, harmonica, guitar, drums stix, or sax and just hit it from where they are sitting. This is perhaps true in the western world as well. But certainly an eye opener for me.

I love it that music is fun, and creativity is free-flowing. The rights and wrongs are impt, but there are always opportunities for everyone to grow if they choose to.

Thanks to Didi and Wally from Eastside Radio FM, my song really got aired on Friday, ie 29th July 2010. Mario Serio (yes the wonderful Mario :) ) and I once recorded ‘Smile’ by Charles Chaplin live in studio and i loved his sensitivity as an accompanist. There’s such maturity and understanding in his playing. Yes we had both agreed there was one idiot note, but it has grown on me ever since.

The highlight of the week must have been Didi’s ‘single malt’ gig (he calls it), at Hotel Clarendon, my eyes and jaws were wide open. I have never felt so right listening to a live gig as such. Didi’s showmanship really reminded me what it meant to perform. Let your body go with it. Hold nothing back. But full on practice.

Having said that, I haven’t been able to grab any time at the Con for some practice on the keys.

Oh yes, an interesting audition this week in Sydney with Darren Yap who’d be auditioning for the Blue Fairy role in Pinocchio. I had great fun and i realised i can really have real conversations with the musicians and artists here.

So yes, my mind’s pretty made up.

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