It’s been a while since i’d last shared my thoughts.

NKF has been great. Not the barely 30min that i was up on stage, but that i had actually set my mind to submitting to discipline! lol Trust me, I’m too much a fan of improvisation to be that easily convinced. I’m glad i finally sat down on it.

A few incidents had led up to that, some unpleasant and others, very pleasant indeed..

An unusual encounter with an unusual agent actually changed my focus soon after the unpleasant incident happened.

i’m truly thankful for that wake up call.

I will be spending much time on writing only what my heart desires, only that which He places in my heart. Jazz, pop, alternative or folk, or what music i call Intimate.

I dedicate my original 完美之旅 to all who love and are loved.

I admit it was kinda ‘speedy’ towards the end, but …. i was so excited to share this baby of a new composition completed just a week before the show. Thank God!

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