Thanks to a dear friend, I managed to sneak in another open mic last night, and it was so much fun cuz everyone is so supportive, and they’re all very good, considering they are non-professionals who just have a wonderful passion for music.

Di’s performance at Velluto was awesome. He knows how i adore his voice. I don’t think i’ve loved a male voice like that since Chet Baker. He’s a lot deeper and indeed he’s got that old soul in him.

So dear di introduced me to Wally from a radio station and Wally wanted to put me on radio here! That’s definitely unprecedented and cool.

But anyways, the highlight has to be last night’s open mic. I’m learning so much just trying to immerse myself with the scene here.

You know that thing i told you about, that a friend once wisely put?

Good things are meant to be shared.

If you’re holding on to something wonderful, a piece of music, your talent, your voice, share it.

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