One of those moments when i feel like goin’ Dear Diary…blah…

But this one’s crucial. It’s gotta be written.

I once had this question, to school or not be schooled.

I realise now that that isn’t the right question to ask, neither was it the right time to be answered.

When i was a kid, i played the organ. i kinda adored that, till the theory really overwhelmed me. I didn’t like the looks of diminished progressions and all that math at 10. I swapped to classical piano and then gave that up too, not understanding why every lesson felt so grey and seriously suicidal. I never stopped playin, i just played whatever i heard and liked. Then i realised whatever i did in the past offered the tools i had, conscious or not, for me to play from my heart. Now i realise, my box of colours are running short, and i hunger to grow. Hunger to know, just so my heart can be told. UNintended rhyme there.

So if you ever have to question what to do, the need or desire just isn’t strong enough, or clear enough, anyways.

I know i’m stepping into a new phase, and i’m glad, i’m terrified, but glad.

Looking fwd to tomorrow’s gig at RSW.


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