that’s the name of one of the bossa cds i got today.

was looking for a particular song i heard natasha hit at one of the jazz performances at clarke quay. it was unforgettable. :) such a cute number.

and i’ve taken a sudden passion for another song lately, the way i had I wish you love. the way that i know for life it would be one of my special loves. :) will get on a cover vid soon.

thanks to those who have invited me to do their weddings, and apologies if i’d to turn you down bec the dates didn’t fit. but congrats and here’s wishing you plenty bliss, love, romance, fun, joy and peace in the start of your first days together as a team.

on a side note, i have been focussing on practice and am a little more selective on my performances since i really think it’s time to move on. to where, only my heart knows. i wanna match reality with that sound in my head, the colours in my dreams, and that bridging takes some hard work, some concentration.

i’m so happy … and feeling rich, with all these wonderful tunes in my head.


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