The Lord’s been blessing me with wonderful musician friends who share their know-hows, their love, and inspire me so.

Me being Ms Thursday Gal, did all my fave stuff and rested in them on this day.

Met lovely Mariel, great singer, actress, whom i met during my theatre days and I shared about how she inspires me in following her heart, and i might have even wanted to add, that compromise isn’t in her dictionary thus far. That’s hard, and yet easy, if you know what i mean. But keeping the record so clean, no matter how tuff times could be, has such an influence on me.

Meeting Jen at Rainbow Cte today was awesome. On a gig, the focus is mainly on how to make the craft better, perhaps, to please, but in the classroom, the performer is really both the therapist as well as the student as one gig. It’s awesome, and communication is essential, and vital, and mutually influenced. I suppose the same goes for performances on stage, but the science behind in the therapy room is a lot deeper, and deeper.

I’ve heard someone comment that therapy is just people playin that ‘idiot’ note over and again, to no purpose. I know we know it sounds shallow, but i think it is enough to say a large number of people continue to have misguided views of music therapy.

Jen went into some stride spontaneously to get the kids to respond and then quickly changing the tempo and dropping it silence for a split second before picking it up again, all the while listening and creating new melodies, and picking up their responses, and responding in turn to them.

It was very intense.

My sentiments are such. These tools have to be ready to serve. Whether on stage or in the classroom, and therapy for various are of different approaches. These are the reasons why i redefine what art and music mean to me every day.

They are not the ends to my existence.

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