Yes, it is true, the more one knows, the more one also knows how little he or she knows.

And hence, the knowing isn’t really so much an end, but a process, a complete reduction of the self in summary of the long run, as the picture gets clearer, further and bigger.

But in the midst of all our dabbling, our tryings, our hardwork,… the boost of the ego as part of that cycle, of renewing the mind…. the wearing away of that ego as we challenge each of the knowing to uncertain and unfamiliar realms each time.

I love this process. Humbling is but part of it, but the journey is such an adventure.

And the friendships, and relationships made that He uses to bless us through are amazing, if i may.

All this necessary deduction is part of the process of finding out my next step, the leading,… the redefinition.

I see beauty in these adventures not cuz i love life, but that i know they will never come by the same way again,
and each page a memory, a priceless reward. Lessons learnt, joys and just precious moments are a special gift from above.

And that is why, i do think i will need to get on that album soon.

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