I thank the Lord for blessings of a brand new day. That with this new beginning of a year, I will serve and lead, in all fields you will have me.

I have learnt that jazz is indeed a journey for life, and I have the privilege of having embarked on it, and worked with great musicians who teach and guide. But it’s time to realise, in my walk in singing and in life, that there comes a point in time, i have to rise and speak for myself, that i may progress where i need to and not be tossed by changing f(l)avours of the world.

It’s been a nice start, i dabbled, splat over all sorts of grounds, mixin” colours and paints, allowing myself to be directed, told, instructed with much love and eagerness to learn.

But every learning curve wouldn’t be a curve if one stuck to strolling along the plateau albeit its decent height. I desire a change, a new beginning, so i will take on this challenge. Exploring and doing only what i desire.

Right time right place, have offered me opportunities to grow musically, creatively and i will take them on as fresh flow of blessings.

Looking fwd to the new view from that curve!

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