MONTAGE token of appreciation.

drumming w/recyclables!

Thursday girls with Thursday reports.:)

Had the experience of playing Paula for a talent contest at SCAPE, Youth Park. The 6 contestants were quite impressive and i’m convinced that the desire for the stage has to be so overwhelming that as you perform, nothing else quite gets you, not even yourself. Just the enjoyment of the music, the eagerness to share, and the dedication and commitment to perfect the craft in its moment. Perfection of course is never quite absolute. But for me, it has to be what i saw in the 2 girls tonight. Only what is truest and most beautiful in that given moment. Such a lot we can learn from observation and appreciation. So that was a successful event, Montage.

I hopped off to Indo after, subbing for Ken Mahanani (usual Mon, Wed, Thurs 930-1230pm) with the boys, Jeremy Yeo (percussion/trumpeter) and Daniel Purnomo. A joy as usual but another revelation as we journeyed from bossa novas, swings to pop/funk, a different level of awareness of the voice as an instrument, not just conveying, but conversing and sometimes teasing, other times resting, all in all, keeping the energy high at all times, in its context of course.

Highlight of the night for me was Cheek to cheek, and i dedicated this to Jewel, Alvin and Boaz, my dancer friends. Awesome audience, lovely crowd, great friends and musicians, such joy.

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