Been spending a little time trying to catch up on my rest and get back down from all the adrenalin.

Doin’ some reflection and boy have i learnt much from the shows lately.

That is why going back to school is something i’ve been stalling. Daniel’s right, seriously, going back to 4 walls ain’t gonna be easy, and if you ain’t settin’ the right mindset, you’d be learning much less than if you have ensembles from live situations as masterclasses for your musical growth.

When the time is right, keepin it all in prayer and just trusting our Lord in it.

Here’s sharing a lil vid with you:

many bits of me felt the avatar experience each time i sing it through. I adore the basswork and james really took me to the jungle a-swinging on this one. I might have revisited morocco, sahara through this song at least at one point in the song.

God bless the gift of music seriously.

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