Thank you all, dear friends and family, supporters of James, Melvin and myself, we wouldn’t have had as much fun without you being such an awesome audience.

Singing Fever had been a lil’ dream of mine since most wedding events don’t need a song as spicy as that, ha… and moreover not every gig has a bassist. Thanks to Melvin, I had great fun swinging on the lil’ hottie.

When I’d first written Once again, i was a little shy to show it to anyone since these are the ‘giants’ in the scene, and it was just my little baby, a story that only I know. if you wanna know, you’d have to read the lyrics for yourself… That’s the beauty of music and art, someone shares his or her personal story, and someone else relates to it from his or her own. In that way, we are forever connected in a pretty cool way. :)

James did a beautiful job of putting my feelings together in his arrangement of the piece. The choice of chord reharmonisation was broken, kind, and lovely.

I know everyone had quite a scare when we announced Spain since it didn’t quite go with our lineup of the songs for the night, … I had a strong notion that it’d make a good finale, and we went out all the way. It was a real rush singing that.

We’re truly blessed, all of us, and very grateful to Pearlyn, lighting crew, and sound guys for the great setup.

James says, Jazz quartet next. I am just gawking. :)

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