Today i feel fluffy.

I shall start it off saying it in the most beautifully predictable way:

Dear Diary,
(*gawk* hee haw)

It’s been a wonderful day of hard work.

Great sharing with the ‘kids’ and wonderful exchange with new friends.

Helen’s quite a gem.

Looking fwd to new collaborations.

It’s people as such who just love what they do that completely humbles me, and reminds
me what all of this is about. The musical journey is all about growing, exchanging, creating, mixing it all up, and then repeat the cycles dude!

Since it was such elaborate arrangement and scoring i had to follow, it was a nice challenge for the usual me. Improvisation is awesome, but discipline reminds me how important practice is.

Thanks to Bryan for this opportunity.

Looking forward to the upcoming gig next Monday, and Tues with James and Melvin.


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