Fly me back to Singapore isn’t the happiest thing on my list this year.

I sang the popular standard Fly me to the moon at Manhattan Jazz lounge in Sydney yesterday, and now that i’ve touched down, boy, doesn’t it feel like a long time already.

Increasingly, i realise how art and music are so closely related and wound up, they can never quite be taken out of any equation involving life.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that in Singapore, in Hong Kong, in Sydney, music was the very common language that connects us, and forged me new friendships.

It was awesome jammin with Dee dee (or Didi) and his handsome band. And the lovely lady on trumpet solo, man, that was a real movie moment for me.

Thanks to Al, for being a sport and introducing Corona to me. Yea, i ain’t no fan of beer just yet, Jo. :)

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