i’ve been contemplating the idea of an album, lately. About what it means, what i’d want from it, and the things lead me up to it, and then beyond… Of all the things i’m pondering, there’s just one thought that i’m certain enough, and that is, that it is most distasteful if i’m just doing this for me. It in itself is a piece of plastic, music made purely to please is though challenging, not the sort of challenge i’m interested in. It doesn’t school me. It doesn’t bring me places.

I’m just wasting time on stuff i don’t believe in if i go about it.

But i do wanna eventually get on 2 projects, one where the joy of music from everyone is in it. The second, a quiet lil window for me to just breathe some cool air.

I’ve never been clear, so don’t beat me up for it.


One of those questions crept up on it today.

When does one feel compelled to start exercising their own power to decide,… such as arrangements, vocal or music, such as publicity, and so on…?

I realised one thing over these 2 days of jammin’ w some wonderful friends, awfully talented they are… that when what you hear, and believe in isn’t what your mates are feelin’, then it’s gotta be a decision on our own part, as musicians, to decide to do a personal album.

The question of compromise definitely exists. But instead of making a moral preachin’ outta this, i prefer to see it as a spectrum. I hope to find someone whom i can work out music we both somewhat appreciate and believe in, so that the common direction allows new things to be created. It’s exciting when an idea is hatchin. you literally hear those cracks.

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