I really enjoyed ‘Loving you’ on the wedding for Simon and Jin tonight. It’s a real surprise. I entered on a different key, much higher than the usual, but the sound system took the sound and really made it fly on its own. Ian and I had a lot of fun exploring our dynamics and rearrangements. Loved his funk version of When i Fall in love. Great bass work there.

I sang one of my fave cantonese songs 原来只要共你活一天 amongst all the other standards and pop numbers we usually do.

Thanks to Bev for requesting for the sound system from Ian. Great night.

Ms Crybaby here couldn’t help being moved by the tearing groom as he sang a song for Jin. And then Jin cried, and so the tears began.

There many weddings that remind me of the importance of love in a marriage. But this one, struck me as very real, and there was so much trust when you look at them. Nothing flamboyant, just simply beautiful.

Thanks to ALD for the chance to share their love.

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