I believe everyone has a role to play, and our breath of life, a gift so precious… to be thoroughly shared, enjoyed, nurtured…

more meaningful than a show for myself, the school is prepping a showcase for the ‘kids’. and part of the growth comes from the desire to prepare them for the bigger stage of life.

i was sharing with another friend how teaching is never quite an impartation of knowledge, and more so these days when internet is so easily accessible. it’s a session of sharing, and games, more than just for fun, they create an environment that affirms the musician from the start. and the classroom is a great place for them to begin to learn those boundaries and the real reasons for their passion in the craft. It’s a playground, really. We don’t hold their hands, we let them run like the wind, but when they fall, on their face, remind them that it doesn’t change who they are, and their music has an invaluable place in this world, not for their commercial value, but for the joy it brings. to be honest, as honest as one can to their craft, is the first step to enjoying it,

sometimes, it’s so hard to put up that stern front, and it turns out a lil more like scary when i do try, cuz it’s just not me.

the best sorta happiness is when they fledge and fly.

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