A friend asked ‘why sing…when you don’t have to?’

I don’t think he meant it in a way that questioned the art of singing or music in general.

A lil’ problem occurred when the communication broke down today, and i do believe, one of those situations where you can’t quite foresee. First times etc. Impt lessons with not just details but also with standing firm where one is pushed over. The couple completely enjoyed the gig and the audience loved the music. But I am shocked at how little people know about how much work musicians put through, and how much more respect they truly deserve. To cut a long story short, i wonder how many musicians out there have been shortchanged for their talents and respect. I overlooked something but the weight of what i took, was way too absurd and would have been a lot more if not for my mates i’ve been blessed with. Truly.

Anyways, as much as this may be a miscommunication between the musicians or a mistake of mine that i gladly learn from, I pondered, over this question he asked me.

I’m very blessed to have a teaching job. And to be able to take singing seriously as an art i can’t stop pursuing in love to share love, is something I cannot be more grateful for.

That is why i sing. Money is one thing, not just for survival, but it’s a measure too of how one improves. I hope to be able to lose myself in the moment, apart from skills, or technique, sequences or tags, and the message in a song, far from being lost, clearer than ever to the world, touches somebody, anybody.

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